the-coming-stormcomingstormThe Coming Storm by Gordon Cashwell

An account of miraculous warnings of impending disaster coming to the United States. Can this disaster be averted through repentance? How Should we prepare? Get the answers to these questions and inspiration for a positive future in The Coming Storm

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God is warning America of impending Disaster. In the Coming Storm, prophecies, visions and dreams confirm that God's people need to be prepared for coming disasters, and the author provides a strategy for taking America back. IS IT POSSIBLE TO REPENT? Find out as you read about the miraculous signs, healings and miracles that provide both warnings and hope.

In light of the coming disasters, is it okay to simply resist homosexual marriage and fight abortion, or should the church be feeding the poor, tutoring kids, building shelters, etc. Does God want us to politically campaign for limited government, prayer in schools and to traditional marriage, while neglecting to provide answers for medical care for the poor, jobs and justice?

In The Coming Storm, Gordon Cashwell demonstrates that this country was birthed out of a revival that emphasized unity, discipleship, accountablility, ministry to the poor, justice and mercy, and unless CHRISTIANS return to these biblical roots, we will be swept away.

The book is a challenge to turn to God while preparing for the inevitable difficult times that are coming to America.

It is a MUST READ for those who want to please God during these perilous times.


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